Happy Birthday Dad

Hello there....

Today is my dads 89th birthday.  woohoo!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!

One of his favorite pictures of me on his digital frame is this shot with my grandson, so I figured I would just make a handmade frame and he could see it anytime he wanted instead of waiting for the digital to shuffle around again.

I love die cuts that are the same color as the background. To distinguish the "you", I just applied Pico Shimmer and just look how it stands out!

Thanks so much for stamping by....

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judkajudi said...

Awesome card ... awesome idea .. awesome Dad and daughter!! Love the idea of diecut being the same as the background ... You have so many brilliant ideas!! Big hugs!!

Taunya Butler said...

Such a way cool idea to make a card framing a photo! I am going to give this idea a try really soon!! What a fun way to share photos with people - the card is fun and clever!! You are super amazing and I love visiting your blog!!!