Souvenir Place-mat

Hey there....

So the other day my hubby and I stop at this tiny restaurant in Frostproof,  Florida. 
They had the best pancakes!!!!!
It was a funky little eatery with a small gift shop in the front that sold flavored wines and taffy.

If you are ever traveling U.S. 27, you must stop at the Orange Box Cafe.

What intrigued me were the place-mats...I know, stop rolling your eyes!
Artists see potential in everything!

They were just so colorful and full of Florida facts that I asked the waitress for a couple I could take home.

Yep....I just had to make a card...or two out of them.

I loved the souvenir feel to the cards.

I am actually sending these to the Orange Box Cafe thanking them for a wonderful meal.

Hoping you have a wonderful crafty day and...
thanks so much for stamping by!

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Donna said...

These are awesome, Penny :)

Shari said...

Great cards, and what a clever idea.

Taunya Butler said...

What a phenomenally cool idea!!! You are so smart and clever!!