Wedding Bells for Janine & Michael


Someone very special to our family is getting married today!

Congratulations to
Janine & Michael

Miss Janine is our little Princess, so I wanted something with a bit of frill. Michael has a Doctorate in some kind of science way above my pay other words I have no idea what he does other than always wearing a plaid shirt...thus the plaid on the card.

The card isn't meant to be elegant, but quirky.
I think I nailed the quirkiness.

Their names were printed from the computer, then die cut.
Flower edges were tapped against an ink pad, then rolled..

She will be walking down the aisle at about noon and I can't wait to give them a huge hug after the final "I do's".

Thanks so much for stamping by...


Lori Kobular said...

What a great Wedding card! I love the plaid and the dies you used are gorgeous!!

Samra said...


mackyton said...

What a wonderful post it was!! I completely enjoyed reading it. Well, I am also going to attend a winter wedding in the next month. It will be held at my favorite Los Angeles event space so I am quite excited for this!