Happy Retirement Butch !!!


Today is my hubby's retirement.
Thirty-five plus years as a Police Officer/K9 Officer/Sergeant.

We were practically babies when he started his career and the day has finally arrived where he gets to hang up his gun and badge, and RELAX!

A fun luncheon is planned at the Police Department, then drinks with friends and co-workers tonight!

Goodbye Tension
Hello Pension

The husband of a card maker friend designed the picture above (Gary Yost Images), I just had it printed a few times so I could give some dimension to the name plate and whistle, then make it into a card.
Many thanks to Gary Yost for working with this crazy lady!

Wanting to do something special for my man, I decided I would "lift" a few things from his locker and desk at work. 
(Apologies to the City of  Largo if he was supposed to turn these things in)

I stopped in every antique store in central Florida and finally found a piece of furniture worthy of my eclectic decor.

Is this a gorgeous Side by Side, or what?!?
Last built in the 1920's, it cleaned up so nicely and was just perfect for what I had pictured in my head.

Most of a uniform, boots, radio, things that mean something to him/us.
And how about that Mobile Phone at the top right? 
Bet you haven't seen one of those in awhile...or ever.

And to top it off...the whole thing locks with the original skeleton key.
LOVE !!!

And his reaction.......Priceless!

Happy Retirement Butchie...
Love you more!

Thanks so much for stopping by today...


Paula Spagnuolo said...

What a wonderful tribute. I am sure he was floored. Congratulations and many blessings to both of you my friend!

Samra said...

Hugs congratulations to your husband on the retirement!
The furniture piece filled with meaningful memorabilia is absolutely breathtaking! I can tell alot of thought and love was put into this!
Simply wonderful!
Your post made my day Penny!
Paper Talk with Samra

judkajudi said...

Well, I guess I fell short on the retirement tribute thing .. I think all of us did compared to this incredible gift! So awesome, Penny. I am happy for you and your husband that he accomplished 35 years of service .. safely! Enjoy the next chapter ... blessings to you both for an awesome future!

Simply Stated said...

What a beautiful tribute to him buddy. I love it. Congratulations not only to Butch but to you. Love you both. Happy Retirement.

Neva Cole said...

Simply amazing! Something your DH (&you!) will cherish during this much deserved retirement part of life's journey!