Calling All Sistahs

Happy day to you.....

It is the 17th of the month and that means I am here to remind you to check the Sistahs and give you a little card inspiration.

The good folks at CAS-ual Fridays have created wonderful stamps for card making and scrapbooking geared towards Breast Cancer awareness.

You do know that Breast Cancer effects one in eight women.

It affected ME!

I never gave up HOPE!

Even in the worst two days of my life:
Thursday November 21, 2013 - I received the bad news that I had Breast Cancer
Friday November 22, 2013 - I held my mothers hand as she passed away.

Even knowing that I wouldn't have my mothers support for what I was about to go through...
I never lost HOPE!

Make sure you check the Sistahs monthly and have a mammogram once a year.
There is no cure yet, but you can catch it early!

Now go check out what the others designers from all over the world have created for you today:

Thanks so much for stamping by...


Heather North said...

Oh Penny, I cannot even imagine what that was like. I wish I could have been there to hold your hand through it. You are the epitome of survivor and thriving. Thank you for encouraging all of us to never give up hope! Your beautiful card knocked my socks of this month. I'm drawn to the rustic background and soft florals.

Lori Kobular said...

Penny another gorgeous reminder card! You do such amazing work! Thanks for the reminder!

desperatehousewifecraft said...

Such a gorgeous card Penny and what a terrible ordeal you had to go through with the Cancer and your mother passing, it is just truly amazing that you never lost hope. You are so courageous! Thanks for reminding us how important it is to check ourselves regularly.