Not a card...Bathroom remodels instead!


Hello and welcome to our master bath redo....

I know...not my normal kind of post, but for family far away, they have heard nothing in the last couple of months except news of our makeovers.

The pictures above are of the Master bath (what there was of it). 
Can anyone say tiny?
It was so small that we had those funky plastic storage units under the vanity...UGH!!!

Working with a great contractor, A & M Construction in Lake Placid made pulling these bathrooms (did I mention we redid the Guest bath also) pretty easy.

Let me start with the Master:

They took out the wall along the vanity enlarging the bathroom by several feet. This used to be the Master closet. I did get a new closet, but I will not bore you with those pictures because a closet is a decor needed.
I ended up with beautiful shaker cabinets, granite counter tops and shiplap (wouldn't Chip & Joanna be proud) walls. Electric outlets in the drawers and cabinet!!!!!
The little bit of Pom Pom rug...yep, I made it....never again!

Just look at that shower I designed. I thought the contractor was going to have a coronary when I handed him my drawing.
Gorgeous Tigerwood Snow tile in the shower and on the bathroom floor, mosiacs for the shower floor and cubby in the shower wall.
Crate stand made by my wonderful son Shane.

And of course I had to show you the bench.  :)

When designing this bathroom, my sister Debby had the great idea to use this window (from the French Quarter) in the decor. She is soooo smart!

Knowing it had to go on a pulley, we then scoured the internet to find a really short toilet so the pony wall would still be higher than the back of the toilet....thank you Home Depot for providing me with exactly what we needed.
That completes the Master Bath makeover with the exception of letting you know that there is a white barn door to get into my new sanctuary.

Moving on to the Guest Bath:

Sorry... no before pictures...what was I thinking?!?

Really long counter top, so I went with a trough sink.
Hubby made the cool is that?!?
I made the tiered tray with a couple of trays from Michaels, an old candle stick and a finial.

Love, love, love the new shaker cabinets and the gorgeous Ocean Beige granite tops.

That used to be one of those plastic surround tubs...hated it!!!
We are past the age of needing a tub, so I went with another shower.
Gorgeous tile installed vertical with mosaics for the floor and cubby you can't see.
I am pretty sure there were several bad words said before the shower door was finally installed...but is it gorgeous or what?
Painted the small ladder, added a few towels and wala!!!

I just had to show you this....planter thing, chicken feeder..not real sure what it is, but I knew when I saw it that it would make a great accent in this bathroom.
I have succulents and painted white sticks in it as well as a small washcloth and some tiny shampoos.

So there you have it....
two new bathrooms.

Maybe you can pull some ideas for your next redo!

Tomorrow...back to regular scheduled posts about crafting.

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Samra said...

Nicely done Penny! I like the combination of modern design yet the feel of rustic elegance.
Paper Talk with Samra

Unknown said...

I don't think I see a thing I would change. I love the guest bathroom sink and the shower door is killer.