Calling All's time!!!!

Happy 17th of August!!!!

This is your reminder message to check the SISTAHS!
If you are over the age of 16, you should be doing a monthly check in the much easier when those puppies are all soaped up.

By now I would think you know that I had Breast Cancer....however if you are new to this blog hop, then I guess you are just learning this.

Breast Cancer effects 1 in 8 women.

Look around yourself today at work, church, the grocery store.....yep, someone there is going to get this dreaded disease.

There is no cure...YET!

But you can catch it early with self exams and yearly Mammograms.

My card today (as most of my Breast Cancer cards are) was created with :

Cas-ual Fridays: Word Ribbon stamp.
(The adorable pinwheel is the ribbon from Hope Ribbon set, stamped several times then trimmed)

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Thanks so much for stamping by...

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