Caling All Sistahs September Edition


It is reminder time!!!!

On the 17th of the month, the designers at Calling All Sistahs come together to give you some inspiration for Breast Cancer Awareness.

As for me....I can say "Been there, done that".

I am a three year SURVIVOR because my mama taught me to check my breasts every month.
I had a mammogram in July 2013 and everything looked good.
I found a lump in October 2013...that is only 3 months later.

Please take the time each month to check the Sistahs....
It could save your life.
There is no cure for Breast Cancer, but you can catch it early!!!

The above is a coupon code for you to use if you just have to have some of the goodies I made my card with.


Make sure to return here tomorrow as we start our new monthly card making challenge.

Thanks so much for stamping by...

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