Calling All Sistahs Reminder

Hello, hello.....

It is the 17th of the month, which means I am here to remind you to check the SISTAHS!

Do you do self exams each month?
Did you get your yearly Mammogram yet?

Please, please, please don't put this could save your life....
Just like it saved mine!

My mama taught me to check myself.
Thank God she did!!!!

I found a lump in my right breast just months after having a Mammogram. was cancer.

So go on...get in the shower, soap those puppies up and feel around.



Assuming they felt normal, you are good for another month.
If you felt something suspicious, call your doctor...TODAY!

I am..... 1 in 8

That's right... 1 in 8 women will get Breast Cancer.
Look around today at the women you work with, at the women in the grocery store, at the women in church, at the women in the gym.

I hope and pray that you are not 1 in's not the greatest club to belong to.
But if you catch it early, it can be cured.

Have you checked out all the wonderful reminder creations at 
I hope you will join us tomorrow for our monthly challenge.

Thanks so much for stamping by...

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