January Reminder with Calling All Sistahs


Well....it is the 17th of the month and that means it is time to remind you to check the 

Normally I would have some kind of card inspiration for an actual reminder, but when Michele over at Casual Friday's released this new stamp set, I just could not help myself from using it for this post.

Maybe you did check the Sistahs, maybe you found a lump, maybe you do have cancer, maybe you could just tell it to Kissyourassadocious!

I did!!!!!

With apologies to anyone associated with the movie Mary Poppins, I had to use an image relating to the movie....I mean really!!!

So please...check yourself, get your yearly Mammogram.

It could save your life..like it did mine!

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Come back tomorrow for the monthly Encouragement Challenge.
There are prizes to be won.

Oh, oh, oh, do you just have to have this new stamp Supercalifragilistic like I did?
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Thanks so much for stamping by...


Lori Kobular said...

I absolutely LOVE this card Penny!! The image you made is perfect with that great sentiment!

sandie said...

So much to say about the creativity in this card...the subtle blending of the sky, the mix of skyline colours, the pop of red on Mary’s skirt amd well...the idea, is so creative in itself. A fun way to remind us all!!

Simply Stated said...

I love this card Penny. Not only all of the talent used in creating it, but maybe for someone who is fighting the battle, will laugh or at least chuckle. Hugs

Heather North said...

Penny, I think you are brilliant using an image of Mary Poppins to go with this sentiment! It turned out beautifully!