Calling All Sistahs Reminder

Hello, hello...........

It is that time of month again.

Yep, this is your reminder to check the sistahs.
Get in the shower and soap those puppies up, feel around, check the armpits too.

If you find something suspicious, call the doctor...TODAY!

My apologies to Michele over at Cas-ual Fridays for using my own version of a coffee container.

I mean really...I had this idea that Starbucks should start printing these kind of messages on their coffee cozies..then again, maybe they do as I don't drink coffee or visit their stores.
Look at all the money I am saving!!!

Anyway.... Cas-ual Fridays version of this coffee holder was such a hit last month, that they were all sold out. She knows I want one BADLY!!!

I used patterned paper from my stash, a paper crimper for the cozy and stamped around the sentiment panel with the edge of the Hope Ribbon...pretty inventive..huh?
Actual sentiment is from the Calling All Sistahs stamp set.'s my short story...

I found a lump!
I had Breast Cancer!
I beat it!

Check the Sistahs today!!!

Join me here again tomorrow for the Calling All Sistahs monthly challenge.


Thanks so much for stamping by...


Heather North said...

If you hadn't told me, I would know this wasn't Michele's die. I too couldn't get my hands on this die when it came out. My coffee order is on its way. Fingers crossed it comes today. I love what you've done with your cup, Penny! We should start a petition to have all coffee cozies look like yours. <3

Heather North said...

p.s. I was examining the the pretty design on your cozy to figure out what new stamp set I needed to buy and realized it is the tail of the hope ribbon. You are BRILLIANT!!!

sandie said...

Oh this is so creative and to use the edge of the ribbon stamps...truly inspired! Super fun card x

Lori Kobular said...

Such a fun coffee and reminder card! I think it would be great if Starbucks put those kind of messages on the coffee cozies! Very clever indeed to use the edge of the hope ribbon to decorate the edge!